Libke Pro – Infield Training Tool




The Libke Pro Fielder is a Baseball/Softball Fielding Aid for fielders fielding ground balls. The Libke Pro Fielder is a tool designed to hold your baseball/softball glove in proper glove presentation. The tool is attached to your glove by a velcro strap, and an elastic velcro strap is used to attach the tool around your forearm. The fielding aid will allow fielders to learn how to position their wrist and hand for better success at fielding. When players have good positioning with their hand and wrist, they have great glove presentation for perfect fielding. Great glove presentation makes you quicker, keeps you in correct fielding posture, and teaches you that your arm is what catches the ball. Having correct glove presentation gives you the optimal potential to catch the ball, the Libke Pro Fielder is designed to do exactly that.