King of the Hill


The King of the Hill trains pitchers to develop a directional force that creates a linear and efficient path towards home plate by creating an initial energy force starting at the ground through engagement of the lower half.


The King of the Hill trains pitchers to develop a directional force that creates a linear and efficient path towards home plate by creating an initial energy force starting at the ground through engagement of the lower half. This force, aka Ground Force, transfers up the legs, through the body, and out of the arm in a chain reaction, taking stress off of the pitching arm and increasing velocity. Instead of using verbal commands or visual aids, the trainer gives a feeling of directional force towards home plate with a return of an immediate audible feedback signal when done correctly. Once the player develops directional force that transfers throughout the body, they will challenge their ability by turning the lever at the back of the patented spring housing to increase the amount of force is takes to hear the audible feedback signal, which will result in higher velocity and consistent health of the pitching arm. The King of the Hill has multiple MLB and Collegiate endorsements stating that the trainer is a game changing device that trains the pitcher to engage the lower half.

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 2 in

Paul Menhart- Pitching coordinator 

"I've seen many devices but none have had as much impact as yours has within our organization. I've seen improvements from Rookie ball to AAA! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!"

Jeff Bajenaru- Arizona Diamondbacks - Minor League Pitching Coach 

"Every coach out there from little league to the big leagues has said..."USE YOUR LEGS" but most players don't know how to properly use that info. The KOTH is great because the "FEEL" is created for you allowing you to get into your LOWER HALF properly creating an efficient delivery that TRANSFERS those ground force reactions right up the KINETIC CHAIN. All players want to be praised and if done properly the KING OF THE HILL delivers with its AUDITORY FEEDBACK. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE KOTH FOR ALL AGES!"

Rick Knapp- LA Dodgers Pitching Coordinator

"We have been using the King of the Hill Trainer for over a year now with GREAT success! We are always pushing the envelope seeking out new drills that help develop our pitchers. The audible feedback the King of the Hill provides makes it second to none when it comes to developing the lower half. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT PITCHING STARTS IN THE LOWER HALF AND THE TIMING THAT THIS TRAINER DEVELOPS IS SPOT ON!! I recommend the King of the Hill to anyone looking to learn how to use their legs when pitching...THIS TRAINER IS A MUST!!"

Mike Bell- Pittsburgh Pitching Coach  

"A must for all programs that are serious about pitching and how to use the lower half! Whether you are a travel ball organization, a training facility, or a high level competitor competing for championships, the King of the Hill's instant feedback allows pitchers of all ages to maximize leg drive and learn how to engage the lower half in your delivery"

Larry Carter- Kansas City Royals Pitching coach 

""We "The Royals" love velocity as much as anyone...But most importantly we want to maximize and develop velocity with our pitchers by maximizing leg drive and momentum through the target. We love how the "King of the Hill Trainer" helps to re-assure our pitchers to do just that. I recommend the "King of the Hill" to pitchers of all ages that want to maximize their LOWER HALF."

Ken Knutson- Cleveland Indians Throwing Coordinator- Director of the Arizona Baseball Ranch 

"The King of the Hill Trainer is a must have for teaching the LOWER HALF and GROUND FORCE APPLICATION in the delivery. It is a great tool that we use at The Arizona Baseball Ranch and Cleveland Indians. Our guys get on it everyday and it has improved their awareness of what they are doing with their body and how to create more energy with the lower half. I highly recommend the King of the Hill!!"

John Savage- UCLA Baseball - 2013 National Champions & 2011 & 2012& 2015 Pac-12 Champions 

"I recommend and encourage all pitchers to include the "King of the Hill trainer" as a part of their training regime. Because, it gives immediate auditory feedback, which helps engage the lower half, and allows the pitcher to be more aware of the acceleration off the rubber down the mound. Our pitchers incorporate it into their regular routines."

Dan Hubbs- Head Coach and pitching Coach 

"Our pitchers love working with the "King of the Hill" LEG DRIVE TRAINER! It gives instant feedback on your ability or inability to engage your lower half when throwing. In only a few weeks, it has made a real difference for our pitchers. I would highly recommend the "King of the Hill" for any pitcher who is looking to take their game to the next level."

Dewey Robinson- Tampa Rays Pitching Coordinator 

"As a pitching coordinator for the Tampa  Rays I'm always searching for ways to improve our pitchers throwing motions. We liked it so much we developed another station in our spring training drills just for the King of the Hill. I'm pleased the way it helped increased our pitchers LOWER HALF POWER by increasing LEG DRIVE that the KING OF THE HILL  produced. I would recommend the King of the Hill to all pitchers that want to develop more power in their LOWER HALF...this is where pitching starts!!"

John Milbrath- Cleveland Indians- Lynchburg Hillcats

"I have used the leg drive trainer for over a year now... My goal is to refine my LOWER HALF and create MORE ENERGY down the mound when I pitch. I have incorporated it into my routine and I use it before I pitch. It helps to reinforce good mechanical habits on the mound, and keeps me sharp during the season."

Jimmy Belanger- U of Kentucky Baseball Pitching coach

"The King of the Hill trainer has been a GREAT assets to our pitching staff in our time here!! The auditory feedback creates a "self teach" for our pitchers and allows our pitchers to constantly understand how their lower half and shoulder work in delivery! I recommend the King of the hill to any pitcher that wants their lower half to work."

Jason Hirsh- Former Major League Pitcher 

"Phrases like " use your legs" or "push off the rubber" can mean a number of things......However, feeling yourself pressing down into the ground, creating ground force reaction and then being rewarded by an auditory click gives our players the satisfaction of knowing they just.. ENGAGED THEIR LOWER HALF AND THREW WITH INTENT!! The King of the Hill is the only product on the market that gives players the kind of feedback and feeling on HOW TO USE THEIR LEGS!"

Brent McNeil- U of North Florida Pitching Coach 

"The King of the Hill was a great device to give our pitchers feedback on keeping their legs engaged throughout the delivery. The simple fact that it intensified our flat grounds everyday was huge. It was especially useful remaining our guys use of their lower half even on their off speed, making all pitchers better. Without a doubt, our pitchers get better this fall training on the King off the Hill!!"

Brad J. Neffendorf- Pitching Coach - Tennessee Wesleyan 

"The King of the Hill has become concrete in our daily regime here at Tennessee Wesleyan. Many of our arms have had delivery issues that left them disconnected within their lower and upper half. The King of the Hill provides instant feel- feedback allowing them to work and correct these issues on a daily basis. I highly recommend this training device, which provides feel & awareness for correct lower half action."

Matt Hobbs- Arkansas Razorbacks Pitching Coach 

"The King of the Hill allows our pitchers at ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS to train and get feedback immediately. It's a great product for all pitches to understand HOW THEIR LOWER HALF WORKS! Its a must for any pitcher looking to improve. NO DOUBT...I recommend every pitcher to train with a King of the Hill!!"